We had such a great group of students apply for leadership positions this year! Unfortunately, this always makes these decisions incredibly difficult, and we have to take into consideration all factors available to us(applications, interviews, attendance, music checks, rehearsal etiquette, etc.). Please keep in mind that even if you were not selected for a leadership position you can still be a leader without a title, and we are always looking for our next set of student leaders. Everyone should be respectful and sensitive to those who were not selected for this first round of student leadership positions. Please feel free to contact the directors with any questions.

Only students on this list qualify to run for Officer positions. Students that applied for Drum Major, but were not selected for a Squad Leader position are still eligible to audition for Drum Major. We will be releasing information on both Drum Major tryouts and Office elections on Tuesday, 5/12.

We will have a REQUIRED meeting for all students selected for this first round of leadership on Monday, May 11th at 3:30pm via Google Meet. Make sure you join the Student Leadership Google Classroom page included in the results below.

2020-2021 Student Leadership Results



Student leadership for the 2020-2021 school year will all happen digitally. THERE ARE SOME CHANGES to the process, qualification, and duties. Please make sure you read the entire Student Leadership Information document BEFORE beginning the application.

Students must first be selected for an APPOINTED LEADERSHIP position for the following school year to be eligible for an ELECTED OFFICER position. Squad Leader, Section Leader, Librarian, and Equipment Manager results will be posted BEFORE information about elections is released. Drum Major and Officer Election information will be released on May 12th.

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