Congrats on an exciting an memorable Senior Night on Friday!  Amazingly, we have reached the final week of the regular season (which we will celebrate with a “Trunk or Treat“ after the game on Friday!).  Students – thank you so much for all of your hard work since August!

Playoffs – At the time of this bulletin I do not have any information, but it will be communicated as soon as it is known. Please keep November 7-8 flexible!

We will begin our CONCERT ENSEMBLES on Monday, 11/3 (regardless of playoffs)!  Chair Placement results will be posted online this Friday, and on Monday we will meet with Symphonic Bands (4th period), and Concert Winds/Wind Ensemble (5th period). We look forward to getting started!


CITRUS SALE ORDERS – Deadline extended to Monday, 10/27

MONDAY, 10/27 – Flagline Practice (6-7:30)

TUESDAY, 10/28 – Evening Rehearsal (6-9): INSIDE

  • This is our ONLY rehearsal for “Sounds of the Stadium!”
  • We will meet in the Auditorium, then proceed down to the gym together

You will need ALL music from the season:

  1. Pregame
  2. Senior Show
  3. “Walk-Run-Fly” Show
  4. “Rock & Roll Hall” Show
  5. Stand Tunes



WEDNESDAY, 10/29 – “SOUNDS OF THE STADIUM” @ 7pm (CT – 6:15)

Admission is FREE!

  • After dressing into uniform, we will assemble in the AUDITORIUM
  • Full Uniform, minus hats & gloves (ladies may wear hair down; only black hair
    accessories permitted).
  • The performance will conclude by 8:30 pm
  • Please invite family, friends, teachers, and community members to attend. This is a great opportunity for folks to hear all of the music from this season in a warm, dry indoor setting!
  • Sarah Burgess will be singing with us again!
  • We will also hold a 50/50 raffle, with proceeds benefitting the Flagline


FRIDAY, 10/31 – AWAY FB @ Westlake (CT – 4:30)

  • Away Pregame and “Hybrid” Halftime show
  • Upon our return, the Band Boosters will be hosting a “Trunk or Treat” in the band parking lot!  VIEW FLYER FOR DETAILS

Good work on Friday! Our “new” hybrid halftime show was well received by the Lakewood crowd… I received many compliments on your behalf, both for performance and behavior, which is always greatly appreciated.

Let’s stay focused… TWO MORE WEEKS of regular-season football! Remember to keep November 7-8 flexible on your calendars, in case the Bees make the playoffs.




Our best advice to you: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Give yourself ample time to practice, and put your best “product” on video. Also, allow extra time in case your technology does not function as expected. PLAN AHEAD!

*REMINDER – as you are recording your videos, each excerpt should be recorded as a separate video file… rather than one continuous video of the full audition.

CITRUS SALE ORDERS – Due Friday 10/24!

TUESDAY, 10/21 – Flagline Practice (6pm-9pm)

WEDNESDAY, 10/22 – Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)


  1. Some Nights/We Are Young
  2. What Makes You Beautiful
  3. Le Regiment (Script Bees)


FRIDAY, 10/24 – SENIOR NIGHT vs. Berea-Midpark (CT – 5:00)

SENIORS – We are so appreciative of your leadership, and of your contributions to the band program over the years. We hope that you have many wonderful memories! Thankfully, the year is still just beginning… we look forward to your continued leadership in our concert ensembles!

SENIOR PARENTSPlease join us for a reception with your band member at 5:00 on the Stage. After the reception, Mrs. Astey will line you up behind the band in reverse alphabetical order, and you will march to the stadium with us. When the senior recognition begins, you and your child will walk across the track during your announcement. At the end, I’ll be there to shake your hand, and a photographer will take your picture.

We look forward to honoring and thanking both seniors AND parents on Friday!



Tuesday, 10/28 – Evening Rehearsal in the GYM (6-9)

Wednesday, 10/29 – SOUNDS OF THE STADIUM PERFORMANCE (CT – 6:15)

Friday, 10/31 – AWAY FB @ Westlake (CT – 4:30)

Following our return from Westlake, the Band Boosters will be hosting a “Trunk or Treat” in the band parking lot!  Any families who are interested in participating, please view the “TRUNK OR TREAT” FLYER

Students, here is the form that you must use to submit your chair placement auditions (DO NOT EMAIL YOUR AUDITIONS)!

IMPORTANT – If using GoogleDrive, you must check to make sure that Link File Sharing is turned “ON.”  CONSULT THIS GUIDE to enable link sharing!