OSU Skull Session Itinerary – 10/1

Please note – As a group, we are NOT attending the football game following the Skull Session. If a family would like to attend the game, they must obtain tickets independently. This is a performance-based trip, and an incredibly unique musical honor!

5:00 am – CALL TIME

  • On Friday night, we will leave Nordonia after halftime, in order to get some extra sleep!
  • The band trucks will remain loaded after the game, to save time.
  • Bring a pillow — You can sleep on the bus!  🙂

5:30 am – Depart BBHHS

7:30 am – Arrive in Columbus, change into FULL UNIFORM

  • We will not have designated changing areas, but will need to use the buses to get ready. Students should wear comfortable clothes for the trip down, and plan to just put the uniform on over top.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a snack, and eat it during this time.

8:30 am – Take our place in St. John Arena

9:00 am – BBHHS Performance Begins in St. John Arena

9:45 am – OSUMB Enters St. John Arena

  • BBHHS will perform one featured selection with the OSUMB watching!

11:00 am – Skull Session Concludes

11:15 am – Return to buses, take off uniforms, depart for lunch

11:30 am – LUNCH STOP (bring money)

1:00 pm – Depart for home

3:00 pm – Return to BBHHS