BBHHS Marching Bees


The BBHHS Band Program maintains an enduring tradition of pride and excellence in music and marching, seeking to provide students with an experience that is both artistically and personally rewarding. The pride of their communities, the Marching Bees entertain audiences in a variety of venues, including football games, parades, and high school band festivals. Over the past 40 years, the band has also performed at Wembley Stadium in London, England; The Quebec-Ice Festival; The Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee; The Peach Bowl in Atlanta Georgia; The OSU Skull Session and The OSU Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio; and Progressive Field in Cleveland. Traditionally, the Marching Bees proudly represent their communities every other year by marching down Main Street USA in Walt Disney World. Go Bees!


Past Shows:

2021-2022: “Star Wars Saga”, “Top Hits”

2020-2021: “Friday Night Karaoke”, Senior Feature “You Can Call Me Al”

2019-2020:  “Woodstock”, “Disney”

2018-2019:  “Roadtrip”, “Journey”

2017-2018:  “80’s Mix Tape”, “A Patriotic Tribute”

2016-2017:  “Passport”,  “Star Wars”

2013-2014:  “Stage and Screen”, “Heroes”

2012-2013: “#TrendingTunes”

2011-2012:  “Film Show”, “A Patriotic Tribute”

2010-2011:  “Decades Show”, “Different Worlds”

2009-2010:  “Guitar Hero/Rock Band”, “Beatles Rock Band”

2008-2009:  “iPod Shuffle”

2007-2008:  “Movie Heroes”, “Queen”

2006-2007:  “80’s Show”, “A Patriotic Tribute”

2005-2006:  “70’s Show”, “Swing Show”