Dr. Stephen Gage @ BBHHS – 2/18

On Thursday, February 18th, we will be visited by Dr. Stephen Gage, Director of Bands at Youngstown State University.  As you may recall, Dr. Gage and the YSU Wind Ensemble visited us last year, and it was a great experience.  Dr. Gage will be coming out to work with two of our ensembles: Concert Winds and Wind Ensemble (unfortunately, his schedule does not allow for enough time to work with all students).

Concert Winds & Wind Ensemble have been approved for an in-school field trip to work with Dr. Gage.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • 6th Period – Bands rehearse as usual (WE on stage, CW in band room)
    • WE students will have the opportunity to eat lunch at the end of 6th
  • 7th-8th PeriodWind Ensemble on Stage w/Dr. Gage
    • 8th Period - Concert Winds will observe in the Aud.
  • 9th PeriodConcert Winds on Stage w/Dr. Gage
    • Wind Ensemble will observe in the Aud.

We look forward to this opportunity, and thank our administration for allowing us the extra time to collaborate with Dr. Gage!