BBHHS Concert Bands

The BBHHS band program aims to provide a unique musical experience for students, one that is both aesthetically rewarding and personally fulfilling. The concert ensembles study and perform music of high quality, which is stylistically diverse and appropriately challenging for all musicians. The BBHHS Bands attend OMEA Large-Group Adjudicated Events annually and perform several concerts per year in the BBHHS Auditorium.

At the conclusion of the football season, the “Marching Bees” divide into four concert bands (grades 9-12):

Wind Ensemble

Members of the Wind Ensemble represent our most dedicated and advanced performers in the BBHHS Band Program. The Wind Ensemble performs at a more advanced level, and represents BBHHS in a variety of performances throughout the school year. The Wind Ensemble attends the OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event annually in OMEA Class A and AA. The BBHHS Wind Ensemble has performed at world class concert venues like Severance Hall and has been invited to perform at area conferences and like the Northeast Ohio Band Invitational (NEOBI). Members of Wind Ensemble take regular private lessons and have the opportunity to take the course for honors credit.

Concert Winds

The Concert Winds present a balanced program of technical development and musical performance, and represent BBHHS in a variety of performances throughout the school year. Private lessons are highly encouraged. The Concert Winds also attend the OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event in OMEA Class B.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band serves as a transitional ensemble to better prepare students for advancement into Concert Winds and Wind Ensemble. Students are placed in the ensemble based on band auditions, work ethic, and instrumentation needs. It is recommended that students wishing to advance into Concert Winds or Wind Ensemble enroll in private lessons. Symphonic Band may have the opportunity to attend the OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event in Class C.

Freshmen Concert Band

This ensemble aims to offer refinement in the basics of ensemble performance. This ensemble focuses on refining basic playing fundamentals and technique while developing musical expression. Freshmen Concert Band students are encouraged to work towards advancement into one of the three upper level concert bands.