I have attached a copy of the order form for Friday’s picture day.  Please take a look at it before picture day.  Different from a typical year, we will be creating a “composite” group photo by taking individual pictures of each member.

*Each student will receive an order form Thursday 8/6*

If they would like to place an order online, you may do so by visiting:  Once there, they will click Pre-Order Now and enter the picture day ID: WP080001X0

Everyone will fill out an order form once they arrive for pictures as it is required to be photographed.  Even if they place an order online, we do need them to fill out the top portion of the order form once they arrive. 

Also, for any parent that does not purchase online and would like to pay by cash or check they are more than welcome to do that as well.  If they can send exact change or a check with their child to picture day along with their package choice, their child can fill out the form and place payment in the payment envelope.

*EVERYONE has to be photographed to be included in the team/group* photo!!

Even if they are not buying anything they need to go to a camera to be photographed. If they are not photographed on Friday they will NOT be in the team photo and there is no way to add them later.

Should you have question please direct them to Lifetouch.

Office: 419-484-6243