Band Bulletin #7 (10/6-10) – New Show!

It is clear from the dropping temperatures that we are entering the latter part of the season! Saturday was a chilly night at the Hudson Band Festival, but the Marching Bees still managed to put on another entertaining show… Congrats!

At this point in the season, there are many things that we do very well, and also many areas in which we must continue to improve. We will reflect on these in the coming days. Let’s keep our standards high as we continue through October.


OCT. NEWSLETTER – Check out the BAND BOOSTER NEWSLETTER for the latest info (and some great pictures)! Many thanks to Michelle Shively for her work on this each month.

Band Boosters Meeting – TUESDAY @ 7pm in the Theory Room (059)

New Halftime Show Memorization – Due by Friday!
Students should sign up outside the band office for a time to perform their memorization check for the “Run – Walk – Fly” show. This must be completed by Friday.

TUESDAY, 10/7 – Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)*

*LEADERSHIP MEETING @ 5:30 – Theory Room
At this midpoint of the season, it is time to touch base and reflect on the goals that we set in August! Please be prompt, we will begin right at 5:30.

Rehearsal Goals:

  1. Begin SENIOR SHOW music!  This music will be posted online Monday for you to print out… everyone should have it in your flip folder by Tuesday evening.
  2. Get our “Run – Walk – Fly” Show ready to perform THIS FRIDAY! Sarah Burgess will be here to sing “Run Away” with us on Tuesday ( VISIT THE SHEET MUSIC PAGE if you’ve lost any materials.
  3. Review Home Pregame

On Tuesday evening, we will also launch our fall CITRUS SALE! Materials will be distributed to students at the end of rehearsal, and will be available online soon.

WEDNESDAY, 10/8 – Flagline Practice (6pm-9pm)

THURSDAY, 10/9 – Percussion Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)

FRIDAY, 10/10 – HOME FB vs. Avon Lake (CT – 5:45)

  • We will debut our new “Run – Walk – Fly” Halftime Show!
  • Memorization checks on the new show must be completed.
  • CHAIR PLACEMENT MATERIALS will be released online!
    • All students will have 2 weeks to prepare the materials
    • Auditions will be submitted in a VIDEO format
    • Videos will be due on Friday, Oct. 24th
    • Stay tuned for more info!

Thanks to all, for your efforts and support!
Jason Wyse