Band Bulletin #23: 2/17-2/23

We are in the final stretch of preparations for our Mid-Winter Concert on Tuesday, February 26th. This is a required performance for all band members. Call time is at 6:30pm. Please make arrangements now to invite family and friends!

Wind Ensemble will be having their first ever Conservatory Day on Saturday, February 23rd from 9:00am-3:00pm. This will be a major clinic day of full band rehearsals with a guest conductor and masterclasses with professional musicians to help prepare for OMEA Large Group Adjudication. This is a required event for all Wind Ensemble members. Students will need to bring a lunch as well. It is sure to be a great opportunity for our students!



It may only be February, but before you know it Student Leadership applications will be released. Directors are always on the lookout for next year’s leaders, but students’ conduct and character over the next two months will weigh significantly in the selection of next year’s leaders. Our Band Focus Group will be meeting in the coming weeks to examine our current leadership structure and selection process to consider potential revisions. Students should not begin to make assumptions about who will be selected or the criteria on which selection is based. However, students can make sure they are always fulfilling our current motto: Look Good, Sound Good, and Be a Class Act. Below are a few key points that tie in with the motto students can be working towards:

    • Take good care of your instrument regardless if it is your personal instrument or a school instrument. Put it away in your locker/designated area properly after every event and do not allow anyone to play it. Percussionists cover all instruments, demonstrate proper mallet/stick care, and be sensitive to noise levels when playing.
    • Be on time to all events. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be forgotten.
    • Keep your concert uniform in pristine condition, free of wrinkles and dirt.
    • Sit with good posture and demonstrate proper hand position at all times.
    • Take good care of our facilities and equipment.
    • Always play with your best sound during and outside of rehearsals, know your individual part, and demonstrate the importance of a high level of musicianship to your peers.
    • Give 110% in every rehearsal and always be marking your music appropriately.
    • Always be striving to improve your playing through private lessons, working with a director, or consistent home practice.
    • Seek opportunities outside of band class to perform(Private lessons, Solo & Ensemble, honor bands/clinics, CWYS, Orchestra winds, Pep Band, etc.).

    • Have your phone/device put away at all times during rehearsals/performances.
    • Be on task and respectful in rehearsals and performances. Follow all rehearsal procedures, and do not talk/cause distractions during rehearsals/performances.
    • Always speak highly of the band program, leaders, and members in public/social media.
    • Be respectful of facilities at home and away. Take initiative to pick up and chairs/stands that may have been knocked over, pickup and garbage on the ground, and keep the band room free of non-band related personal belongings.
    • Offer to help directors with competition of tasks.
    • Demonstrate good attendance and follow all attendance procedures/expectations.



CONGRATULATIONS to our February Student of the Month, Abby Kovach! Abby has been an incredibly dedicated member of band program this year. She goes above and beyond to serve the band program in anyway she can. Even though Tenor Saxophone is her main instrument, Abby has learned bass clarinet and sousaphone to help balance instrumentation in additional ensembles. She is a member of Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Gold, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band, Marching Bees, prepared two events for Solo & Ensemble, and takes private lessons. We thank Abby for her service to the BBHHS Bands!



Kent State University will be hosting their first ever Brass Day on Saturday, March 2nd. Students from across Ohio will have the opportunity to participate in a day of intensive brass ensemble rehearsals, clinics, and performance demonstrations. Participants will work with School of Music brass faculty and the Washington D.C.-based Barclay Brass. There will also be vendor displays with instruments, music and more. This would be a great opportunity for our brass students, especially those that may not take private lessons. Registration is only $10.00! More info available HERE.



Pep Band:  Tuesday, February 19th AND Friday, February 22nd – CT @ 6:00pm

Wind Ensemble Conservatory Day:  Saturday, February 23rd – 9:00am-3:00pm

Mid-Winter Band Concert:  Tuesday, February 26th – 7:00pm

OMEA Large Group Adjudication(Wind Ensemble):  March 8th-9th – Time TBA @ Mentor HS