Band Bulletin #2: 8/18-8/24

It’s here! The 2019-2020 school year officially starts on Wednesday! We are looking forward to continuing a great start to the 2019 Marching Bees. Please make sure you read carefully the items below regarding In-School Rehearsals/Lunches. We’ll see everyone at our final Post-Camp rehearsal Monday(8/19) from 6:00pm-9:00pm!

DEADLINE: This FRIDAY is the Show 1/Pregame Music Check-Off deadline for all Squad Leaders. Let’s keep working towards our goal of 100% memorization by our first game on August 30th!

Congratulations to the Marching Bees on a fantastic performance and day at Cedar Point!



  • All MARCHING BAND students will report to band 6th period.
  • SYMPHONIC BANDS – Ignore what your schedule says, and follow the schedule below:
    • Students scheduled for Symphonic Band 5th period (Section 1), will eat lunch 5th period and report to band 6th period.
    • Students scheduled for Symphonic Band 7th period (Section 2), will eat lunch 7th period and report to band 6th period.
  • Non-Marchers should report during their regularly scheduled band period.
  • Plan to go outside every day — which means having appropriate footwear!
    • If you do not wear athletic shoes to school, then you must bring a pair to change into for the band period (some students just keep an old pair in their band locker).
  • TARDINESS: Students will be given time at the beginning of rehearsal to get instruments out and report to their designated rehearsal areas. Since we have very little time during the school day it is IMPERATIVE that students follow the given times to be ready for rehearsal.
    • For outdoor rehearsals students will have a total of 12 minutes from the 5th period dismissal bell to be in Attendance Block at the stadium.
    • For indoor rehearsals, student will have 7 minutes from the 5th period dismissal bell to be in their assigned auditorium seats.



It was brought to our attention that an incorrect date for Meet the Band was listed on the BBHHS website page. Please be advised that the correct date is MONDAY, AUGUST 26th at 8:30pm, which is the date on the band website and included in the Summer Mailing. Students still report in SUMMER UNIFORM at 6:00pm for rehearsal, with the performance to follow at 8:30pm. We hope to see you all there!



The Google calendar on the band website page has all the updated rehearsals for Drumline and Flagline. These additional rehearsals are required for all Drumline and Flagline members. Flagline will have their extra rehearsal every Thursday from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Drumline will have their extra rehearsal on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm depending on which day Marching Band rehearsal is scheduled. If Marching Band rehearsal is on Tuesday, Drumline will be on Wednesday. If Marching Band rehearsal is on Wednesday, Drumline will be on Tuesday. Essentially, Drumline has rehearsal on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays during marching season, one being a sectional and one being full band.



We have TWO performances this week for Student Leaders ONLY. On Tuesday(8/20), ALL Student Leaders need to report to the Band Room by 10:00am wearing SUMMER UNIFORM. We will be performing a couple tunes at the opening Teacher Convocation.

On Wednesday(8/21), Student Leaders need to report to the Band Room at 7:00am for warm-up to play for the opening day Spirit Rally. We will move out to the BBHHS main entrance by 7:15am. Students may wear whatever they like for the first day of school.



  • Monday, 8/19: Marching Band Rehearsal, 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday, 8/22: Flagline Rehearsal, 6pm-9pm
  • Monday, 8/26: Meet the Band, 8:30pm (CT @ 6pm)
  • Tuesday, 8/27: Drumline Rehearsal, 6pm-9pm
  • Wednesday, 8/28: Jazz Ensemble @ Open House, 7pm
  • Thursday, 8/29:
    • BBH Love Rally(Student Leaders ONLY), CT @ 6pm
    • Flagline Rehearsal, 6pm-9pm
  • Friday, 8/30: HOME FOOTBALL vs. Olmsted Falls, CT @ 5:45pm