Band Bulletin #1: 8/17-21

Greetings!  Welcome to the first of several weekly bulletins that will be posted during the marching season.  Please read these posts carefully, as they often contain new and updated information.

Students, thank you for an enjoyable and productive band camp.  It was exciting to see, not only your musical progress, but the process of bonding and becoming a FAMILY that began this week… and will continue throughout the season!

As we gear up for the start of school, please note the following:

WEDNESDAY, 8/19 – First Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)

  • Have all music in your Flip Folders!
  • We will begin INSIDE, then march to the stadium (weather permitting)
  • Bring your best FOCUS and a great attitude!


PREGAME MEMORIZATION CHECKS – Due by first game on 8/28

  • ALL WINDS must sign up for a time to complete a pregame memorization check with a staff member.
  • Signups will be in the Band Office
  • Slots will be available during certain study hall periods, as well as after school
  • Checks can be done in groups of 2-3 (no larger than 3)
  • BE PRACTICING!  Our goal = 100% accuracy from every member.


THURSDAY, 8/20 – First Day of School

  • ALL STUDENTS will report to Band 6th PERIOD.  Even if your schedule indicates that you have band 5th period, you will report 6th during marching band season.
  • We will go outside every day, unless inclement weather.  Plan ahead!
  • Wear athletic shoes for daily marching rehearsal.  Many students just keep a pair in their band locker… then you always have them, regardless of what shoes you wear to school that day.

Looking forward to the beginning of the school year!