Picture Day – Friday 8/15

Call time – 8:00 am!


  • Wear your black band T-shirt
  • Wear black socks
  • Wear black band shoes (if you do not yet have your Dinkles, wear dark shoes and we can “hide” your feet in the group photo)
  • Bring your picture form if you would like to make a purchase

Students will dress in full uniform upon arrival (MINUS hats, gloves, or instruments), and will meet in the Auditorium to line up.  We will go down to the stadium by height.  After the large group photo, small group and individual photos will be taken (we will be finished at approximately 10:30 am).

Summer Uniform Exchange – If you need to exchange any part of your summer uniform, please bring it with you.  Mrs. Losi will be here first thing in the morning to make exchanges.

Good first week, Band… keep it up!

Mr. Wyse