Dear Students and Parents,

Please note the following information, which should get us through the end of the school year!  Please remember that all band students will continue reporting to band 6th period, through the remainder of the year (including the Final Exam).

Symphonic Band students should be reporting to their assigned 5th period lunch/study hall periods, as they were during the fall marching season.  No students should be taking a double lunch, coming to band early, or roaming the hallways.  Thank you!



Pres/VP Voting - Tuesday, 5/22 (6th)

  • We will meet in the auditorium (no instruments) for voting
  • Please show respect for everyone’s campaign… do not move or take down anyone’s signs!

MB Rehearsal: Plan to go outside

Drumline Clinics & Auditions @ HS:

  • Monday, May 21st – CLINIC (3pm-5pm)
  • Wednesday, May 23rd – CLINIC (3pm-5pm)
  • Friday, May 25th – GROUP AUDITIONS (3pm-5pm)
  • Saturday, May 26th – INDIVIDUAL AUDITIONS (8am-Noon)
    • Sign up for a time with Jonathan Monacelli




  • CALL TIME – 7:30 AM
    • Light breakfast food will be provided
  • SENIORS are encouraged to attend — We would love to have you with us for one last performance!  If you choose not to attend, you must turn in your school instrument to Mrs. Astey on Friday!
    • Bus to Brecksville parade (9 am). The parade will begin behind City Hall, and conclude with a ceremony in the Brecksville Cemetery. Note alternate parade route, due to construction:
    • Bus to Broadview Heights parade (11 am).  We will gather in the Crossings Shopping Center on W. Royalton Rd. The parade will move down Rt. 82 and Broadview Rd., and conclude with a ceremony at the Broadview Center.
    • Bus to Band Room – return approx. 12:00 noon.
  • ATTIRE – Summer uniform: Band polo, “official” black shorts, athletic shoes.  PLEASE TRY ON YOUR SUMMER UNIFORM! If you need a different size, please let us know as soon as possible.
    • Flagline members — please turn in pep skirts upon your return to the high school

We look forward to this very important and special day… see you along the parade routes!


Honors Assembly - Tuesday, 5/29 (AM)

  • Commencement Band - Check into 1st per. and meet in the gym
  • Attire: Gentlemen in a tie, ladies in a long skirt or dress pants
  • Grab instruments, check into 1st period, then head directly to the Gym
  • PERC – Please plan to come early to help transport equipment to the gym

TUESDAY AFTER SCHOOL = Drum Major auditions, Pt. 2 (marching, commands, and interview).

BAND FINAL EXAM - Wednesday, 5/30

  • All students will report for the 6th PERIOD EXAM (11:40-1:10)
  • The exam will consist of Drum Major auditions (playing the Star Spangled Banner) and voting for the remainder of our Officer positions.
  • All school instruments must be turned in at the conclusion of the final exam!

COMMENCEMENT - Saturday, 6/2

  • CT – 10:30 AM (Commencement Band only)
  • Eat a good breakfast, and bring a snack with you for later!
  • PERC – Please arrive early to help load the truck
  • Attire – Gentlemen: coat and tie, Ladies: long dress or dress pants.
  • Commencement begins @ 1:00 pm
  • Return time – approx. 3:30 pm

18-19 LEADERSHIP POSTED - Saturday, 6/2

  • All Leadership results will be posted online
  • Please understand — There are many factors that go into these leadership selections, many difficult decisions involved, and often many more qualified students than there are available positions!
  • Please be sensitive to others in the way that you either celebrate, or grieve, the results.  We are very confident that we will have a fantastic leadership team to begin the 18-19 school year.


And, of course… Keep an eye out for the Summer Mailing!