The Band Citrus Sale occurs every October through November.  Check back again in 2016!



To All Band and Flagline families:


The annual Citrus Sale has begun!  Band members have the opportunity to raise funds for their student Bee Bucks account and the band by selling fresh oranges and grapefruit from Florida.  We will again offer the following:

  • Small 20lb box of oranges or grapefruit for $27
  • Large 40lb cases of oranges or grapefruit for $37
  • 20lb box of mixed oranges and grapefruit for $28
  • 40lb box of mixed oranges and grapefruit for $37


  • Be sure to enter students name. Your order is complete after you receive an email confirmation.  Please be aware of the deadlines for these sales, as they are firm. With 250+ families in the band, we must be strict!


Paper forms: Place form and check in the ORANGE BOX in the band room.  Check can be submitted when picking up fruit.


Students will earn:

  • $6 for every small case of citrus sold
  • $7 for every large case sold.
  • Payment must be turned in on time/at pick up for student to receive full credit for sales

Student account funds may be used for fees, and band trips (Disney 2016!!). Seniors may use funds for the end of the year band banquet.

If you have any questions about the sale, contact Citrus Coordinators Kathy Drinko 440-223-8285 or Lynne Robie 440-864-9072. Questions may be emailed to (please don’t send citrus questions to personal emails.)

Thanks as always for your support of the BBHHS Bands!!!