Band Midterm Information


Tuesday, 1/20 – 5th Period Bands (7:30-9:00)

Wednesday, 1/21 – 4th Period Bands (11:40-1:10)


CONTENT (100 pts):

1. Group Assessment – Sight reading and ensemble rehearsal (75 pts)

2. Individual Assessment – Students will videotape themselves WITHIN THE GROUP REHEARSAL. (25 pts)

  • Students will video themselves, at a designated point in the exam period, by placing a wi-fi enabled device on their music stand, facing them (possible devices could be iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, any smartphone).
  • Assessment Materials:

Crimson – LEGENDS IN THE MIST (m. 108-125)

Gold – THE PHOENIX (m. 58-end)

Concert Winds - AN AMERICAN HERITAGE (m. 49-67)

Wind Ensemble – HAVENDANCE (m. 198-end)



After recording the assigned excerpt on their device, students will send it to one of the emails below:

****Crimson & Concert Winds – email

****Gold & Wind Ensemble – email