Band Midterm Information

MIDTERM SCHEDULE: Tuesday, January 12th

  • Symphonic Bands – 7:30 AM
  • Concert Winds & Wind Ensemble – 11:40 AM

CONTENT (100 pts):

1. Group Assessment – Ensemble rehearsal (50 pts)

2. Individual Assessment – Students will video record themselves WITHIN THE GROUP REHEARSAL. (50 pts)

Students will video themselves, at a designated point in the exam period, by placing a wi-fi enabled device on their music stand, facing them (possible devices could be iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, any smartphone).  Their individual performance will be recorded while the full ensemble plays.

Assessment Materials (please practice these spots)

  • Symphonic Gold – SYZYGY, m. 53-76
  • Symphonic Crimson – TAILSPIN, m. 31-56
  • Concert Winds – LIBERTY, m. 71-95
  • Wind Ensemble – HOLST, Mvmt. I, m. 31-48 

Materials will be drawn from the band repertoire being rehearsed.



After recording the assigned excerpt on their device, students will send it to one of the emails below:

  • Crimson & Concert Winds – email
  • Gold & Wind Ensemble – email

Group Assessments will be evaluated using the OMEA Rating System
Individual Assessments will be evaluated using the HS Band Rubric