Band Camp Week 2!

We are off to a solid start!  More will be expected of you this week, and we have much to accomplish together… Get a good night’s sleep tonight!


  1. Monday – 8:00am – be in the AUDITORIUM SEATS with instruments. Do not walk in the doors of BBHHS at 8:00am.
  2. Bring a Lunch – students are not permitted to leave the school for lunch. Parents are permitted to drop off lunch, but students are not permitted to order food for delivery.
  3. Dinner Break: plan ahead – 3:00pm-6:00pm – all students must leave the school.
  4. Take care of yourself – eat BREAKFAST, drink WATER, wear SUNSCREEN, dress for the WEATHER (school dress code must be followed), and go to bed BEFORE tomorrow!
  5. Daily Schedule – Our daily camp schedule can be found on the band calendar.


All students are encouraged to participate!  Each day has 2 themes, one for the daytime session (8am-3pm), and one for the evening session (6pm-9pm). Prizes will be awarded.

    • Day Theme: America Monday
    • Evening Theme: Memes
    • Evening Activity: Brecksville Rec Center (swimming, basketball, etc.)
    • Day Theme: Tacky Tropical Tourists
    • Evening Theme: Toga
    • Evening Activity: Olympic Night
    • Day Theme: Decades Day
    • Evening Theme: Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.)
    • Evening Activity: Seniors Only @ Ortenzi’s (All others – Free night!)
    • Day Theme: Twins
    • Evening Theme: Characters (movie, tv, etc.)
    • Evening Activity: Skit Night
    • Day Theme: Color Day – See your Section Leader for your color.


  • JOKE SUBMISSION FORM – We are collecting clean & appropriate jokes, to be read during rehearsal when we need a bit of levity to break up the hard work. Please SUBMIT YOUR JOKES HERE!
  • BAND STAFF AMA FORM – What do you want to learn about the band staff?  We are providing an opportunity to “ask me anything” of any staff member that is school appropriate.  ASK ME ANYTHING HERE!
  • DAILY DIRECTOR AWARDS – The directors are on the lookout for OUTSTANDING band members to recognize every evening. Daily awards will be given out in the follow categories: Outstanding Musicianship, Outstanding Marcher/Horn Angle, Outstanding Leader, Outstanding New Member, Outstanding Attitude/Helper, and Outstanding Member as voted on by students. To nominate one of your peers click HERE!