Band Bulletin: HOLIDAY PARADE!

On Monday & Tuesday (the 24th and 25th), students will combine into 5th period to rehearse for the Holiday Parade. Barring inclement weather, we WILL go outside. Students, please bring your coats to class!

HOLIDAY PARADE – Sunday, Nov. 30 (CT – 2:30 @ the HS)
We will bus down to Lawnpark Drive to assemble for the parade, which begins at 4:00.  Following the parade, buses will pick us up at the Old Stadium, and we will return to the school at approximately 4:30.

After our return, UNIFORMS will be hung up at school.  Please remember to remove all personal belongings (including Dinkles) from your uniform bag.  

Absence requests for the parade must follow established procedures, using the Absence Request Form.


We are thankful for our “Band Family,” and wish you all the best for an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!