Band Bulletin #6: 9/19-23 — HOMECOMING

WOW — What an outstanding (and lucky) performance at the NRHS Festival on Saturday night!  It was outstanding because you really BROUGHT IT (I think the press box may have actually moved a little bit)…  it was lucky because the downpour hit right after we finished… and we managed to get our raincoats on just in time.  Special thanks to our CHAPERONES, who always do such fantastic work for us – rain or shine.  GREAT JOB, ALL!

Please return your uniform, hat, and raincoat when you report for Tuesday’s evening rehearsal.

Believe it or not, this week will mark the halfway point of our season… So far, the band has displayed an outstanding attitude and made continual progress.  Moving forward, we can only continue to achieve our goals within this culture of mutual respect and positive energy, so let’s keep it going as the season continues on!



  • This year, the monthly newsletters will be generated by the students!  We look forward to hearing many different perspectives from students as the year goes on.  Special thanks to Kelly Insana for creating the newsletter!

THIS WEEK:____________________________________________

Le Regiment Music ChecksAll students must sign up for a time to be heard on Le Reg.  You may either play from memory, or with music.  We all contribute to the musical product!


MONDAY, 9/19 – Flagline Practice (6pm-9pm)


TUESDAY, 9/20 – Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)

  • SECTIONALS - Star Wars Show! (be sure to have your MUSIC)
  • Script Bees/Le Reg & MY GIRL – please print!
  • Duel of the Fates drill


WEDNESDAY, 9/21 – Drumline Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)


THURSDAY, 9/22 – Homecoming Parade & Bonfire


  • Students are responsible for getting TO and FROM this event on their own.
  • The school will be open before the parade from 5:00-6:00 to get equipment, and after the bonfire until 9:30 to return it.
  • Parade steps off at 7pm. We will march down Rt. 21, to the Old Stadium, and play pep music during the bonfire!
  • Students will be released from the Old Stadium around 9:00 pm.
  • ATTIRE: JEANS and SPIRIT WEAR (or Band T-shirt)
  • MUSIC: Fight Song 2x for the parade.  Pep songs for bonfire.


FRIDAY, 9/23 – HOMECOMING FB vs. Twinsburg (CT – 5:30**)

**NOTE REVISED CT (the band schedule incorrectly listed CT as 5:45)

  • Pep Rally during school: DRUMLINE will be performing (Timing TBA)
  • Instrument Decoration:
    • As a long-standing tradition, students are allowed to decorate their instruments tastefully for this game.
    • Remember, these are decorations, NOT random pieces of garbage!
    • The decorations must be securely fastened to the instrument so that pieces do not fall on the field.
    • Section/squad leaders: help by modeling what is appropriate, and by checking your squads and sections to make sure these guidelines are adhered to.
    • EVERYONE must help to clean up the music area after the game!

LOOKING AHEAD: ________________________________________

OSU SKULL SESSION – Saturday, October 1st (CT – 5am)

  • FAQ:
    • Is this event mandatory?
      • YES.  This is a performance that you do NOT want to miss!  The same policy for excused/unexcused absences still applies, in accordance with the Band Handbook.
    • Do the students need tickets or passes for the event?
      • NO.  We will all march in and out together.
    • Do parents/family attending need a ticket?
      • NO.  This is a free event, but you should plan to get there plenty early, as the arena will fill up, and they stop letting people in.
    • What is the schedule?
    • What will it be like?


TRUNK OR TREAT – Friday, October 21st 

This has become a really fun tradition!

Please click below for info on how to participate: