Band Bulletin #4: 9/8-12

Parents and Students,

MANY THANKS to our students for their outstanding behavior and performance at Garfield Heights… you were a CLASS ACT.  And special thanks to the numerous CHAPERONES who accompanied us.  While the evening ended on a very unfortunate note, with several unidentified young people along Turney Rd. throwing rocks at two of our buses, we are extremely thankful that no one was hurt.  Our chaperones, bus drivers, and students all handled the situation very well.  Student safety continues to be our top priority, and this situation has been analyzed to determine what we can learn for future travels.  This incident should not reflect upon the Garfield Heights community at large, nor the fans, parents, and band members who were so welcoming and appreciative at the game.  

Band member Grace Ritchie expressed this sentiment on behalf of the students:

Regarding the G.H. Band “I have never had another band be so polite and encouraging to us and I’ve heard that same thing from numerous other members of our band. Not only was their band extremely nice but I also heard a lot of positive things about their football team from our team and a few band members who talked to them… the rock incident didn’t make us think differently of them. We understand that it wasn’t their choice.”

Moving forward, we anticipate a great game at Brunswick this week… please read the following reminders!

THIS WEEK: ___________________________________________

TUESDAY, 9/8 – Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm) 

WEDNESDAY, 9/9 – Flagline Practice (6pm-9pm)

THURSDAY, 9/10 – Percussion Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)

FRIDAY, 9/11 – AWAY FB @ Brunswick (CT – 4:30)

  • Regarding Call Times: We are sensitive to the fact that early calls can present a challenge for students to get home, eat dinner, etc., especially with athletics.  Please know that we do build in extra time in the event of a circumstance that holds us up (traffic, accidents, bus breakdowns, etc).  This past Friday, by the time we were seated in the stands, it was just in time for the Pregame performance.  The logistics of moving 300 people and 10 vehicles SAFELY involves a great deal of planning, and we appreciate your understanding!
  • Brunswick also has a fantastic band, so we need to bring our “A GAME” to the field, as always!

OTHER ITEMS: ___________________________________________

Saturday, 9/12 – Susan G. Komen race (Perc. and Flag volunteers)

  • Students are responsible for travel arrangements to and from the event
  • Students should meet downtown no later than 8:30 am!
    • Roads will close at 8:45.  The race will conclude around 10:30 am.
  • Jonathan Monacelli and Grace Kubera will be supervising the group
  • Students will perform outside First Energy Stadium (see picture below):

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.03.03 PM


  • The first mailing will contain the trip cost, basic itinerary, student “Bee Bucks” information, and more.
  • A COMMITMENT FORM is required to be returned, to secure your spot on the trip (there is a form for students as well as chaperones).

Thank you, everyone.

Jason Wyse