Band Bulletin #25: 2/3-2/9

February is here and Solo & Ensemble is this weekend! We hope our participating students were able to use the time off last week to catch up on practice and add that extra musicality for a Superior performance. All information and the schedule for Solo & Ensemble is available HERE. Students are responsible for their own transportation to North Ridgeville HS.

Keep in mind that directors reserve the right to CANCEL or go COMMENTS ONLY for any events that have not demonstrated the necessary amount of preparation to perform at the event.

The weekly S&E Rehearsal schedule is available HERE.



In order to have a more balanced band program and provide additional opportunities for students, we are looking for students interested in instruments switches. We are currently looking for additional tubas, baritones, horns, oboes, and bassoons. We are fortunate to have a small army of trumpets, flutes, alto saxophones, and percussionists, but an instrument switch may allow you to advance in the band program sooner and open more doors to leadership positions in marching band. Flute and alto saxophone can be good candidates to switch to oboe and bassoon. Trumpet can easily switch to horn, baritone, or tuba. These instruments would all be provided by the school. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please see Mr. Rex ASAP. NO INSTRUMENT SWITCH IS PERMITTED WITHOUT DIRECTOR APPROVAL.



As we are nearing midterms for 3rd Quarter, it is import to keep in mind some of the expectations for students’ daily rehearsal grades and procedures laid out in the Band Handbook. Below are common items that have had to be addressed since Winter Break: 


  1. Points are earned by meeting the expectations of musicianship
    1. Musicianship expectations for band members include, but are not limited to: displaying musical progress through assessments, submitting acceptable recordings for auditions and playing tests, attending all required band activities, being on time with all necessary equipment, and participating with effort.
  2. Points will be lost when students do not meet musicianship expectations
    1. For example: Performing poorly on musical assessments, memorization checks, audition submissions, displaying a lack of musical progress, unexcused absences, tardies, not having necessary equipment, chewing gum, negligence or abuse to school property, disruptive behavior/disrespect, cell phone use during class, etc.



I. Instrument Lockers:

  • Lockers will be assigned at the beginning of the year.  Students should only use their assigned locker.
  • All instruments and cases must be properly put away inside the
    appropriate locker following every rehearsal and performance.
    includes percussion.  Following an away event, you are responsible for bringing your own instrument in from the truck.
  • All lockers are required to have a combination lock on them.  Combinations must be provided to the directors.  Locks for school instruments will be provided, all others should be purchased by the student.
  • Lockers are the property of the school and music department.  They are not to be used for personal items, food, or trash!



Band Boosters Meeting:  Tuesday, February 5th – 7:00pm

Indoor Drumline Rehearsals:  Tuesday/Thursday, February 5th & 7th – 6pm-9pm

Solo & Ensemble Rehearsals(select students):  During/After school weekly through 2/8

OMEA Solo & Ensemble:  Saturday, February 9th – 8am-5pm @ North Ridgeville HS

Wind Ensemble Conservatory Day:  Saturday, February 23rd – 9:00am-3:00pm

Mid-Winter Band Concert:  Tuesday, February 26th – 7:00pm