Band Bulletin #2: 8/19-8/25

Here we go!!! After hours of rehearsal and preparation, students will finally have the chance to perform on the field this week!  Please read carefully below for important information and updates, as our season really gets going:

CEDAR POINT – Kudos to our students who performed and were a class act all day.  A great first travel for the Marching Bees!

MEMORIZATION CHECKS/MUSIC TESTING – All students should have their SHOW 1 music memorized by our first game on Friday! Please review Music Testing guidelines HERE.

MON, 8/20 – First day of school

  • All MARCHING BAND students will report to band 6th Period. SYMPHONIC BAND: Ignore what your schedule says. You will eat lunch 5th period (see LUNCHES) and report to band 6th period.
  • Non-Marchers should report during their regularly scheduled band period.
  • Plan to go outside every day — which means having appropriate footwear!
    • If you do not wear athletic shoes to school, then you must bring a pair to change into for the band period (some students just keep an old pair in their band locker).
    • Due to increasing band numbers and the capacity of the cafeteria, the following lunch assignments will be followed for MARCHING SEASON ONLY:
      • All SYMPHINONC BAND Freshmen and Sophomores will eat lunch 5th period in the CAFETERIA.
      • All SYMPHONIC BAND Juniors and Seniors will eat lunch 5th period in the BAND ROOM for MARCHING SEASON ONLY.
      • All WIND ENSEMBLE and CONCERT WINDS members will follow their regular lunch schedule.


TUES, 8/21 – Rehearsal & MEET THE BAND

  • Rehearsal begins at 6:00 pm
  • Our “MEET THE BAND” preview show will begin at 8:30 pm
    • Students will wear their SUMMER UNIFORM for the preview show (there will be an opportunity to change into the uniform prior to the performance)
    • Please spread the word — We would love to see the stands full of support for the students, and look forward to welcoming many of our incoming 5th grade band members & parents!


THURS, 8/22



FRI, 8/24 – AWAY FB @ O.F. (CT – 4:30)

  • With our first game, let’s set the bar high for the season, putting all three aspects of our motto on display:
    1. Sound Good
    2. Look Good
    3. Be a Class Act
  • Students who are NOT yet tested off all their music must use their FLIP FOLDER for performance
  • Remember to wear your black band t-shirt, and LONG black socks!