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CONGRATS on a great first game!  We did well in all three areas: Sound, Look, and Class. Regarding Class – the Olmsted Falls grounds crew contacted Mr. Maslona to share how impressed they were with how clean we left the stands. The non-musical elements of our mission are just as important, so this is AWESOME! Many thanks also to our chaperones and loading crew. We couldn’t do it without you!


  • There have been a couple small changes to our band calendar for the year. Please make sure you check and and print off a new one HERE. All changes are marked in red.


  • Currently, only FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORE Symphonic Band members will be issued green passes to leave 5th period lunch a few minutes early. This is to alleviate hallway congestion to tell all students get to the band room/field sooner for rehearsal. If you have not received your pass see Mr. Rex before school on Monday. You will not be permitted to leave early without your green pass!
  • JUNIOR and SENIOR Symphonic Band members MUST be packing and eating in the band room 5th period. Attendance will be taken to make sure that these procedures are being followed. This is to help with congestion in the cafeteria during 5th period lunch.
  • ALL OTHER STUDENTS must follow their schedules as written. Green passes will not be issued to any other students besides FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORE Symphonic Band Members. If you need a pass to leave lunch early to do music check-offs see Mr. Rex in the morning before school.


  • ALL STUDENTS must be checked off on Pregame by Friday, August 31st. This includes: Across the Field, On Oh Brecksville, Alma Mater, and Star Spangled Banner. Absolutely no flip folders will be allowed at the Indians game. You MUST have the Star Spangled Banner checked off.
  • Halftime Re-Checks – Students who were not memorized for halftime last week should keep practicing and play for a director, drum major, or section leader by Friday.


  • We have some band families experiencing financial hardship that are in need of anonymous sponsors to help cover band fees. If you are interested in anonymous sponsorship please contact Mr. Rex.


MONDAY, 8/27 – Flagline Practice (6pm-9pm)


TUESDAY, 8/28 – Nothing Scheduled


WEDNESDAY, 8/29 – HS Open House/Evening Rehearsal (6pm-9pm)

  • Due to a scheduling conflict, HS Open House was moved to Wednesday during our already scheduled rehearsal time. Unfortunately, this means that directors will not be available during open house. If you would like to speak with a director please stop by the stadium or send Mr. Rex an e-mail to setup a time. We also encourage you to stop by the cafeteria during this time see various BBHHS talents on display.
  • Rehearsal Goals:
    • Work Pregame & Halftime – improve sound and look!


THURSDAY, 8/30 – Love Rallies & Drumline Practice (6pm-9pm)

  • We will need an in-school pep band to perform during the morning rally and another to perform at the evening rally. ALL student leaders will be a part of the pep band during the school day. Dress is any Bees gear. If you are interested in playing with the evening pep band please sign-up HERE. DRUMLINE: We will need just leaders to play in the evening again. All other drumline members will report to practice and leaders will join after rally.


FRIDAY, 8/31 – HOME FB vs. Garfield Heights (CT – 5:45pm)

  • FIELD PASSES: Due to increased security concerns at home football games, field passes will be required to enter the field/track/band stands area. The band will only have enough passes for directors, staff, assigned chaperones(per Suzanne Orlando), and select guests. Unfortunately, that means parents and alumni will not have open access to come visit the band during the game as they have in the past. If alumni know in advance they will be in attendance and wish to visit with the band during the game they should contact Mr. Rex and reserve a field pass before Friday. This is a new policy from the district administration. Please contact a school administrator with any questions/concerns.


SATURDAY, 9/1 – Indians Game (CT – 3:45pm)


  • WEAR SUMMER UNIFORM. For student health and safety — This is due primarily to how hot it is in the underground staging area, which we learned the last time that we visited the ballpark. There will also not be a significant opportunity for students to change, so students are encouraged to remain in summer uniform for the evening.
  • BRING A SACK DINNER to eat when we arrive! You will not have the opportunity to eat until we go into the ballpark (approximately 7:15pm).  Water will be available for students.


  • Family/friend/group tickets will be distributed this week after the Wednesday evening rehearsal.
  • Student tickets will be held separately, and scanned together when we arrive at the ballpark. After we perform, tickets will be given out to students, and we will head in to watch the game!


  • 3:45 – Call Time @ BBHHS
  • 4:30 – Departure
  • 5:00 – Arrive, unload, eat sack dinner/snack(LIQUIDS MUST BE FACTORY SEALED AND ALL ITEMS DISPOSABLE!)
  • 5:45 – Line up, warm up, prepare to take the field
  • 6:15 – Parade of Bands
  • 6:35 – Regroup/adjust parade block for SSB
  • 6:50 – Head out to field for SSB
  • 7:10 – Return to truck, load instruments, get tickets, go watch the game!
  • 10:30 (approx) – Depart
  • 11:00 (approx) – Return to BBHHS

Here we go!!! After hours of rehearsal and preparation, students will finally have the chance to perform on the field this week!  Please read carefully below for important information and updates, as our season really gets going:

CEDAR POINT – Kudos to our students who performed and were a class act all day.  A great first travel for the Marching Bees!

MEMORIZATION CHECKS/MUSIC TESTING – All students should have their SHOW 1 music memorized by our first game on Friday! Please review Music Testing guidelines HERE.

MON, 8/20 – First day of school

  • All MARCHING BAND students will report to band 6th Period. SYMPHONIC BAND: Ignore what your schedule says. You will eat lunch 5th period (see LUNCHES) and report to band 6th period.
  • Non-Marchers should report during their regularly scheduled band period.
  • Plan to go outside every day — which means having appropriate footwear!
    • If you do not wear athletic shoes to school, then you must bring a pair to change into for the band period (some students just keep an old pair in their band locker).
    • Due to increasing band numbers and the capacity of the cafeteria, the following lunch assignments will be followed for MARCHING SEASON ONLY:
      • All SYMPHINONC BAND Freshmen and Sophomores will eat lunch 5th period in the CAFETERIA.
      • All SYMPHONIC BAND Juniors and Seniors will eat lunch 5th period in the BAND ROOM for MARCHING SEASON ONLY.
      • All WIND ENSEMBLE and CONCERT WINDS members will follow their regular lunch schedule.


TUES, 8/21 – Rehearsal & MEET THE BAND

  • Rehearsal begins at 6:00 pm
  • Our “MEET THE BAND” preview show will begin at 8:30 pm
    • Students will wear their SUMMER UNIFORM for the preview show (there will be an opportunity to change into the uniform prior to the performance)
    • Please spread the word — We would love to see the stands full of support for the students, and look forward to welcoming many of our incoming 5th grade band members & parents!


THURS, 8/22



FRI, 8/24 – AWAY FB @ O.F. (CT – 4:30)

  • With our first game, let’s set the bar high for the season, putting all three aspects of our motto on display:
    1. Sound Good
    2. Look Good
    3. Be a Class Act
  • Students who are NOT yet tested off all their music must use their FLIP FOLDER for performance
  • Remember to wear your black band t-shirt, and LONG black socks!

Please note the following information regarding our first performance tomorrow at Cedar Point:

  • CALL TIME – 7:30 AM
  • We will perform in the park at approximately 10:30 am.
  • Attire: Summer Uniform (black shorts, red polo, athletic shoes)
  • You may bring a change of clothes to wear in the park after we perform.
  • Bring Money for Lunch and Dinner
  • Return Time: Approximately 10:00 pm.

Other items to note:

  • If you have a season pass, please let us know (if you have not already done so)
  • If you are planning NOT to travel with the band either to or from Cedar Point, we must have an e-mail from a parent no later than Friday, August 17th.
  • If meeting us at the park, students are not permitted to drive themselves.  You must be driven by an adult. Plan to arrive at Cedar Point by 10:00am and meet us at the buses. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT.

Let’s have a fun enjoyable day at America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast!

Welcome to the first of many upcoming weekly bulletins throughout the 2018 Marching Season!  Please read carefully, as each week has many specific considerations/updates/announcements, etc.

THANK YOU for a great band camp, and a very positive start to our season!  We were very appreciative to how open our students were to trying new things and very proud of how much we accomplished together. It is only the beginning… LET’S KEEP IT UP!



  • EXPECTATIONS are the same as band camp, in regard to punctuality, footwear, conduct, etc.
  • BUS SIGNUP LISTS FOR THE SEASON will be posted at 5:00 pm for students.  Please only sign up your own name!  You may not erase or cross-out anyone else’s name either. Failure to comply may result in removal of your bus and being assigned to a bus by a director. These bus assignments will be firm for all away games and travel and there will be no changes throughout the season. Sign-ups will come down at 5:45pm.


  • The TEACHER CONVOCATION performance is only for student leaders. LEADERS: Check your e-mail for updates.
  • The EVENING REHEARSAL is for all members just like Tuesday.
  • EXPECTATIONS are the same as band camp, in regard to punctuality, footwear, conduct, etc.


  • This is an optional performance. Students should have already paid if they are attending.
  • Call time is 7:30am. Report in SUMMER UNIFORM (red polos, black Dickies shorts, athletic shoes).
  • You should also bring a change of clothes for after our performance as well as spending money for food.


  • Monday, August 20th – First Day of School for students. Watch for updates on lunch schedules.
  • Tuesday, August 21st – Rehearsal & Meet the Band

We are off to a solid start!  More will be expected of you this week, and we have much to accomplish together… Get a good night’s sleep tonight!


  1. Monday – 8:00am – be in the AUDITORIUM SEATS with instruments. Do not walk in the doors of BBHHS at 8:00am.
  2. Bring a Lunch – students are not permitted to leave the school for lunch. Parents are permitted to drop off lunch, but students are not permitted to order food for delivery.
  3. Dinner Break: plan ahead – 3:00pm-6:00pm – all students must leave the school.
  4. Take care of yourself – eat BREAKFAST, drink WATER, wear SUNSCREEN, dress for the WEATHER (school dress code must be followed), and go to bed BEFORE tomorrow!
  5. Daily Schedule – Our daily camp schedule can be found on the band calendar.


All students are encouraged to participate!  Each day has 2 themes, one for the daytime session (8am-3pm), and one for the evening session (6pm-9pm). Prizes will be awarded.

    • Day Theme: America Monday
    • Evening Theme: Memes
    • Evening Activity: Brecksville Rec Center (swimming, basketball, etc.)
    • Day Theme: Tacky Tropical Tourists
    • Evening Theme: Toga
    • Evening Activity: Olympic Night
    • Day Theme: Decades Day
    • Evening Theme: Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.)
    • Evening Activity: Seniors Only @ Ortenzi’s (All others – Free night!)
    • Day Theme: Twins
    • Evening Theme: Characters (movie, tv, etc.)
    • Evening Activity: Skit Night
    • Day Theme: Color Day – See your Section Leader for your color.


  • JOKE SUBMISSION FORM – We are collecting clean & appropriate jokes, to be read during rehearsal when we need a bit of levity to break up the hard work. Please SUBMIT YOUR JOKES HERE!
  • BAND STAFF AMA FORM – What do you want to learn about the band staff?  We are providing an opportunity to “ask me anything” of any staff member that is school appropriate.  ASK ME ANYTHING HERE!
  • DAILY DIRECTOR AWARDS – The directors are on the lookout for OUTSTANDING band members to recognize every evening. Daily awards will be given out in the follow categories: Outstanding Musicianship, Outstanding Marcher/Horn Angle, Outstanding Leader, Outstanding New Member, Outstanding Attitude/Helper, and Outstanding Member as voted on by students. To nominate one of your peers click HERE!