A Message from Buddy Deshler

To my new friends at BBHHS,
I can’t thank you enough for making my visit to Broadview Heights so memorable. Your hard work in preparing “Inner Resolution” is greatly appreciated, but the most wonderful thing about my visit was getting to know many of you more personally. I was happy to see so many of you introducing yourselves and asking for ways to stay connected. I meant what I said in that I am now a resource for you and I’m happy to help any way I can in your musical lives. Mr. Wyse knows how to get ahold of me so feel free to ask him. Speaking of which, in all of my engagements around the country, it is rare to find someone like your teacher. A talented composer, a diligent worker, an inspiring musician and educator, and a wonderful human being. I hope you all know how lucky you are to have someone like Mr. Wyse in your lives, as well as the other directors in your music department. BBHHS is a very special place and by far one of my most memorable times. Thank you all for everything and I hope to be back again soon. Stay in touch and be well.
Buddy Deshler