2014 Halftime Music

Greetings, Parents and Students —

It is time to launch our primary halftime show for the 2014 season: “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!” Each tune features an important figure in the history of Rock, who has been inducted into Cleveland’s own Rock Hall.

The BeatlesEleanor Rigby
The Jackson 5I Want You Back
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit
Billy JoelMy Life, Pressure, We Didn’t Start the Fire, Piano Man


(Password will be sent via Remind)

Be sure to check your PART ASSIGNMENTS to download the correct part… this is vital for a good, balanced sound, and will be checked at Band Camp.

Additional Notes:

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PARTICIPATION FEE DONORS: If any band families are willing to serve as an anonymous donor, paying this fee for someone in a difficult financial situation, please email me. Your generosity is always extremely appreciated! Many thanks.

CALENDAR: Please remember, we now have a Google Calendar on the schedule page, which includes everything that is on the Band Schedule, and will always reflect the most current updates or changes.

Over the next few weeks, we expect that you will download this music and begin working on it, as well as our traditional pregame repertoire. I will be in touch again as Pre-Camp approaches… until then, enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Thank you,
Jason Wyse